About Us

Who We Are


 T&K Outdoors is a small, family owned business specializing in personal satisfaction.  We carry a wide variety of hunting and personal protection supplies, including a large inventory of long guns and handguns.  As well as many reloading supplies.  We can order practically any item and receive it the next day (as long as our dealer has it in stock).  Come by and give us a try.  



 Purchasing a firearm involves more than just picking a product from the shelf. Our goal is to help you make sure that your firearm purchase keeps you in control of your gun, both legally and personally. T&K carries a firearm for every-use you would need including: self-defense, shooting sport competitions, hunting, and shooting just for fun. We will help you find the gun that fits your hand, holster, purpose, and your wallet.

But we don't stop there, as well as helping you find the right firearm for you, we will help you find the accessories you need to keep your gun clean, safe and well-maintained. We will help you find the right ammo and shooting gear, ranging from gun holsters to gun safes, and from scopes for the hunter to protective wear for the indoor sports shooter.




  • Handgun Sights: Start @ $25.00
    (Sights bought @ T&K installed free)
  • Scope Mount/Boresight: $25.00(Scopes bought @ T&K installed free)
  • Gun Cleaning: Starts @ $45.00
  • Gunsmithing: Starts @ $35.00(Plus Parts)
  • Firearms transfer fee:
    • $30.00 per Firearm
    • $75.00 per SBR/Silencer
    • $150.00 Per Full Auto
  • Cerakote Services: Please contact the store and speak to a sales representative.