Sons of Liberty Gun Works (SOLGW)

The Sons of Liberty Gun Works AR products have a cult following like no other. One Reason is because SOLGW AR 15/AR 10 Rifles and Pistols, are manufactured using only the finest quality materials and workmanship possible. This sets them apart from the majority of AR manufacture’s that only care about their bottom line. SOLGW is a US based company established in 2012. Their main goal is to build a high quality purpose built weapons that can handle anything you throw at it. Made in American with pride, and founded by a US Navy SEAL and couple life long firearms enthusiast.

Not only does Sons of Liberty make one of the finest AR’s available. They also specialize in a large variety of high quality parts as well. The SOLGW AR 15/AR-10 Series parts include, BCG’s, Lowers, Uppers, Handguards and a wide variety of AR style Kits.

Built and tuned right these firearms are meant for hard use, be it Law Enforcement, Hunting, Competition, or Home Defense.

Sons of Liberty Gun Works
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