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 Purchasing a firearm involves more than just picking a product from the shelf. Our goal is to help you make sure your firearm purchase keeps you in control of your gun, both legally and personally. T&K carries a firearm for every-use including self-defense, shooting competitions, hunting, and shooting just for fun. We help find the gun that fits your hand, holster, purpose, and budget.

We don't stop there! While helping to find the right firearm for you, we can find the accessories you need to keep your gun clean, safe and well-maintained. We will also help you select the right ammo and shooting gear including holsters, gun safes, scopes and protective wear.



Need something installed onto your firearm? Is your firearm having issues? Our on-site gunsmith can help you with any problems you are having.

  • Handgun Sights: Start @ $25.00
    (Sights bought @ T&K installed free)
  • Scope Mount/Boresight: $25.00(Scopes bought @ T&K installed free)
  • Gun Cleaning: Starts @ $45.00
  • Gunsmithing: Starts @ $35.00(Plus Parts)
  • Firearms transfer fee:
    • $30.00 per Firearm
    • $75.00 per SBR/Silencer
    • $150.00 Per Full Auto

Long Range Precision Classes

Long Range Precision Classes

Long Range Precision Classes

Long Range Precision Class

 If you want to get into long range shooting for hunting, competition, or just for fun, this class is for you. From basic fundamentals to 1000 yard hits in one day (with the appropriate equipment), our instructor can teach you everything you need to know to start this hobby.  

Location: Clinton House Plantation, Clinton, SC

Long Range Precision 1Basic Course

  • Equipment Selection
  • Characteristics and Setup
  • Fundamentals of Rifle Marksmanship
  • External Ballistics
  • Ballistics Truing & Data Book/Card development
  • Reading Trace
  • Wind Reading and Calculating Corrections
  • Alternate Shooting Positions
  • Multiple/Rapid Target Engagement using holdovers
  • All Instruction is reinforced on ranges

For more information contact: 

Mark Link 


Cerakote Painting

Long Range Precision Classes

Long Range Precision Classes


Is your weapon's finish wearing & tearing? Do you wish it came in your favorite color? A Cerakote paint job may be for you!

Cerakote is a painted finish that can be applied to almost any material on your firearm. This finish is used to  improve performance properties including abrasion/wear resistance, impact strength, and hardness.

 Popular Colors: (Call for Availability)

  • Robin's Egg Blue
  • Bright Purple
  • Socom Blue
  • Sniper Green
  • Tactical Grey
  • Crimson
  • Zombie Green
  • Snow White
  • Rose Gold
  • Graphite Black
  • Polar Blue
  • Bazooka Green
  • Burnt Bronze
  • ...And Many More!

Cerakote paint jobs start @ $90.

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